350 witnesses questioned within the frames of criminal case on the fact
of mass disorder in Yerevan on 1 March

2008-03-07 17:25:00

ArmInfo. A total of 350 witnesses were questioned within the frames of
the criminal case on the fact of mass disorder in Yerevan on 1 March,
Armenian Prosecutor General Agvan Hovsepyan said at the
press-conference, Friday.

He also added that 53 people were arrested and 16 detained. Over a
short period of time since formation of an investigation group headed
by the head of special investigation service Andranik Mirzoyan, the
group implemented an effective work. There are many video documents and
evidences which prove that all the actions directed to violation of the
constitutional regime, power capture, organization of mass disorder
were organized from a single centre.We have got the information were
the batons and metal rods, used during mass disorder and clashes with
the police, were made, as well as the information about money and
alcohol drinks delivery and training of the groups that attacked.
Hovsepyan said that such groups were trained not only in Yerevan but in
the regions as well. He also said that all the arrested people have a
right to have lawyer. As for a demand 'to release all the arrested and
detained people to start a dialogue', Hovsepyan thinks such demands are
illegal and look like an attempt of making pressure upon the