The role of Prosecutor's Office in the work of NKR development

Azat Artsakh Daily
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]

On March 6th the NKR President Bako Sahakian held a conference with the
members of collegium of NKR Prosecutor's Office, regional prosecutors
and a number of executives of Prosecutor's Office, by the head of NKR
Attorney General Arshavir Gharamian.
Bako Sahakian emphasized specially the role of Prosecutor's Office
in the work of satisfaction of development and progress of
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.According to the President, Prosecutor's
Office has to have an active participation in the reforms of judicial
spheres. The NKR President touched importance also to the process of
realization of reforms in Prosecutor's Office. In that connection the
President noted that the system of Prosecutor's Office should be model,
that we could satisfy valuably the protection of lagality in the
The questions devoted to the problems of improvement of
socio-economic conditions of Prosecutor's Office's workers, increase of
productivity of forensic examinations, the works got a wide response in
the republic were discussed during the conference.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress