March 31 2008

Vandals destroyed a cross near the Armeanian church in Lviv and
urinated on the church facade March 29-30, Armenian church priest
Father Tadeos was quoted as saying March 31.

Lviv city council deputy Vardkes Arzumanyan was the first to blow the
whistle on vandals, appealing to the department for the protection of
Lviv historical heritage. According to Father Tadeos, he was approached
by a city official who offered help in renovating the cross - at the
Armenian community expense.

According to deputy Arzumanyan, the Armenian community had repeatedly
asked the policy to beef up security in the area.

"The area near the church is frequently the scene of mobster gatherings
who behave in indecent way. We do not believe the vandalism was
targeted against the Armenian church. If an Orthodox church were
in this area, it would have been desecrated too. I hope, the new
police chief will pay due attention to protecting historical sights
in Lviv. Police patrol cars can be parked in the area and this can
stop the vandals," the deputy stressed.