Noyan Tapan
March 31, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 31, NOYAN TAPAN. Eduard Sharmazanov, the Spokesperson
of the Republican Party of Armenia, a member of the parliamentary
faction of the same name, does not exclude that extra-parliamentary
forces will be also involved in the new government, in particular,
the National Democratic Union headed by Vazgen Manukian. According
to him, V. Manukian has always proved that he is ready for a sound
dialogue with the authorities. Besides, as E. Sharmazanov said at the
March 31 press conference, people, who will be able to implement new
reforms and will solve the problems faced by the country, should be
involved in the government.

At journalists' request, touching upon everyday "political" walks
organized by oppositionists in Northerth Avenue, and bringing their
participants to the Police, E. Sharmazanov stated that he cannot give
a legal evaluation to all this. Nevertheless, as the deputy from RPA
assured, RPA is against political persecutions. Meanwhile he stated
that there are no political prisoners in Armenia. In response to the
question of how much the fact of bringing people from a walk to police
corresponds to democratic standards, E. Sharmazanov answered with a
question: "And is making an attempt of revolution, coup d'etat after
elections held in line with international standards is a manifestation
of democracy?"

E. Sharmazanov affirmed that holding a military parade on the day of
the new President's inauguration does not contradict the democratic
norms, either.

In response to the question of during RA Prime Minister Serge
Sargsian's last visit to Moscow especially for what he thanked RF
President Vladimir Putin, the RPA Spokesperson said that S. Sargsian
just expressed gratitude "to the head of the country - Armenia's
strategic partner."