APA, Azerbaijan
Feb 28 2009

Parviz Aliyev: `Armenians say there are no shoes and foods in their

[ 28 Feb 2009 15:12 ]
Member of the family, who handed over the surrendered Armenians to the
soldiers, interviewed with APA.

Khojavand. Teymour Zahidoglu `APA. `Last night I heard voices in the
yard, it was about 01.00. My mother Zumrud Aliyeva and my brother
Khaleddin and I came out from the house. We saw three men, probably
the soldiers. One of them tried to escape, but my brother detained
him. My mother knows Armenian language. She assured them that they
would be in peace. My mother checked them when they entered into the
house. There were razor, towel and toothpaste with them', Parvin
Aliyev, who detained the Armenians surrendered to Azerbaijani side,
told APA.

`They were booted in slippers this winter time. We informed the
Azerbaijani military servicemen about it. The Armenians told us that
there are intolerable conditions in their military units and no one
cares about the army. One of them said that he was mobilized for army
as soon as he returned from Russia. He said there were very hard
conditions in the military units and the soldiers were suffering from
the unconcern about them. There are no shoes and foods'.

Aliyevs family was displaced from Khojaly and settled in Ergi plain.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress