07:53 pm | March 17, 2009


The money from the sale of "Bjni" actually hasn't made it to the state
budget, concluded today the "Bjni mineral water factory" CJSC, which
has appealed to the Service for Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial
Acts of the RA Ministry of Justice asking to provide the materials
of the court order, but the service has not provided them to date.

"In addition, the Service for Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial
Acts is showing passivity when it comes to handing the buyer the
products that were put up for auction. We think that the reason for
not handing the copies of the materials of the court order is very
clear: the payment has not been made. We are certain that there has
not been any bank transfer. Perhaps the SCEJA is preparing a false
check transfer with the hope that the factual payment will be made,"
as stated in the statement.

According to the company, that is also the reason why the payment
has not been transferred to the state budget, that is, the State
Incomes Committee, there has not been a notice of the payments and
the additional amount has not been returned to the owner.

In the text of the statement Director General of the "Bjni" mineral
water factory" CJSC Laert Harutyunyan asks:

"Why doesn't the service transfer the tremendous amount of money
to the state budget? What is the reason? Why is the SCEJA avoiding
to hand the materials of the court order to the company when it is
really obligated to do so?"

The "Bjni" administration asks the RA Prosecutor General's office
and the RA Police to check to see whether the prepaid amount has been
transferred to the SCEJA's cashbox or not and how the amount has been
brought to the service (who brought it, who accepted it and so on),
why the amount has not been distributed to the owner and why those
responsible have not been brought to justice.

The letter has been sent to the RA Prosecutor General, Chief of RA
Police, RA Ombudsman and Head of the RA State Incomes Committee.

"A1+" tried to find out from the Service for Compulsory Enforcement
of Judicial Acts why the copies of the required documents are not
being provided.

"The sides participating in the process may take an excerpt from the
case and may take advantage of that part of the law, but doesn't the
law state that we have to copy and provide the eight-volume case?" said
press speaker for the Service for Compulsory Enforcement of Judicial
Acts Ruben Grdzelyan. But why aren't the checks provided? "They can
come, sit down, look, read and take excerpts. If they haven't done
that, then this statement is a political speculation on their part."

He assured us that "the money has been transferred by the foreseen
order" three days after the auction and has been distributed based
on articles on state assets, committees of state incomes and to the
SCEJA for court order expenses.