2009-03-31 11:36:00

ArmInfo. VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems OJSC
(NYSE: MBT), today announced that works on the installation of key
infrastructure components for gas and drinking water supply in four
villages of Gegarkunik marz are now over, and the new infrastructure is
completely operational. As VivaCell-MTS press-service told ArmInfo, as
a socially-responsible company, VivaCell-MTS continues on implementing
its large-scale programs having long-term positive impact on the
Armenian society, with special focus on improving the quality of life
of the people living in the regions of Armenia. Based on the evaluation
of needs in the area of regional infrastructure and especially by
taking into account the deterioration of key infrastructure element
such as gas and water supply in Gegharkunik, a region that faces a
lot of complex challenges while having limited resources at hand,
VivaCell-MTS has made a social investment in the gasification and
installation of pipelines for drinking water supply in four rural
communities of Gegharquniq region - Lanjaghbyur, Vardadzor, Verin
Getashen and Vaghashen.

The realization of the project for which VivaCell-MTS allocated AMD
30.5 million gives opportunity to make life easier and comfortable
in villages where emigrational employment has been the major activity
of the population.

"We hope that this infrastructural development project, under our
corporate responsibility agenda, will provide an opportunity to
these villages to create additional workplaces by developing local
manufacturing production, and that in the long-term will be able
to mitigate the problem of emigrational employment having been so
specific to this region. Thus we are trying to create stronger ties
between the villager and the soil", - mentioned General Manager of
VivaCell-MTS Ralph Yirikian.

These last infrastructure development projects realized in Gegharkunik
region include the following components: 377.5 m gas pipeline in
the village of Lanjaghbyur (AMD 3 mln); 674 meters-long gas pipeline
installed in the village of Vardadzor (AMD 5.5 mln); 820 meters long
drinking water infrastructure reconstruction in the village of Verin
Getashen (AMD 15 mln); 1010 meters-long drinking water infrastructure
reconstruction in the village of Vaghashem (AMD 7 mln), totaling to
AMD 30.5 mln.

Overall, during 2008, in the framework of CSR projects, VivaCell-MTS'
social investment in Gegarkunik region amounted to over AMD 170

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress