2010-03-01 13:41:00

ArmInfo. The Azerbaijani mass media urge, at a state level, to crack
the Armenian sites, in particular, the recently created xocali.net
site, member of Xenophobia Prevention Initiative public organization
Samvel Martirosyan told journalists today.

"Over 12,000 users have already visited Xocali.net site from February
24 to this day. Moreover, several attempts of hacker attack at the
site have already been made. These attempts were made by Azerbaijani
hackers, however, we created the site in a way that it is quite
difficult to crack it", he said. Martirosyan emphasized that the
Azerbaijani information site vesti.az . has recently called on all
the Azerbaijani hackers to unite against a threat of disseminating
the truth about the real events in Khojalu and start hacker attack
at xocali.net. "Of course, vesti.az site is officially a private
media, however, taking into account the hard-hitting characteristics
and essence of the ruling Azerbaijani regime, there are no private
independent media in Azerbaijan. Hacker crack in any normal state is
a criminal offence", Martirosyan resumed.

Presentation of a new site of Xenophobia Prevention Initiative
organization, http://xocali.net, was held in Yerevan on February 24.

The new site presents the materials which disclose the mass
falsifications organized by the Azerbaijani authorities around the
tragic events of February 26, 1992, near Khojalu settlement in the
territory of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. The site has been presented
in Russian, English, Azerbaijani, German, Farsi and French.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress