Public Television Channel 1
Feb 28 2010

[Presenter] The Armenian president has completed his visit to Georgia
with a meeting with Mikheil Saakashvili. The Georgian president
received Serzh Sargsyan at the Georgian Palace Hotel [in Batumi,
Georgia]. At the meeting they discussed relations between the two
countries and future cooperation. The presidents spoke about the need
to enhance economic cooperation and to bring the two peoples closer
together. The Armenian president visited Batumi yesterday and held
several meetings there. During his visit, Sargsyan met representatives
of the Armenian diaspora and parishioners of an Armenian Church.

[Saakashvili, standing beside Sargsyan, speaking to TV cameras in
Russian with Georgian translation overlaid] I want to say that the
Armenian president is a brave man who inspires me in a lot of ways. I
am delighted with how the country is achieving success.

We agreed that the integration of our countries' economies should
further intensify. We need more communication and more work to bring
our peoples together, though they already are close to each other.

Such meetings will take place much more frequently and this will
benefit everyone.

We are small countries and we need each other very much. We are
dependent upon each other and we should use this circumstance for good.

[Sargsyan, in Russian with Georgian translation overlaid] I am very
happy about this meeting. I have once again become convinced that it is
possible to achieve great things in a short time. We should cooperate
more closely. We should think very seriously about integrating our
peoples. I am sure that this year will be very important for our