March 1 2010

Baku - APA. Turkish Foreign Ministry warned the official Washington
over the so-called Armenian genocide to be discussed at U.S. House
of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs on March 4.

APA reports quoting CNN Turk. Spokesman for Turkish Foreign Ministry
Burak Ozugergin expressed his regret about it: "We feel regret about
the inclusion of H.Res.252 into the agenda of the U.S. House of
Representatives Foreign Relations Committee, which supports unfounded
allegations of Armenian genocide. We brought our position to the
notice of different US officials. We are waiting for the US rejection
of H.Res.252, which will harm bilateral relations between Turkey
and US and hamper the efforts in the direction of normalization of
the relations between Turkey and Armenia. We want to believe that the
Committee members will understand the harm of the adoption of this bill
in Turkey-US relations, including peace efforts in the South Caucasus".