By Audrey Howard

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Feb 28 2010

What Holocaust? This is the official policy of America, Turkey
and Israel. It is convenient for Turkey in not admitting to such a
horrible deed that took place during World War I. The Americans need
the Turks to allow the transit of American troops around the region
(this is why the U.S. walks gingerly around the Kurdish issue). The
Jews and Israel should know better. It is well-known what happens to
people when they deny the Nazi Holocaust. Yet, Israel and the Jews
seem to know nothing about the Armenian Holocaust.

Morality And Foreign Policy Don't Mix Israel has relations with a
Muslim country, Turkey. Turkey supplies needed items to Israel (a
conduit for petroleum). Commerce is more important to Israel than
morality. The U.S. is complicit in this cover-up by standing with
Israel. After all, which country is more valuable to our strategic
position in the world, Israel or Armenia?

Holocaust Museum A Travesty How can the Jews and Israel maintain
Holocaust museums in many places, highlighting the destruction of
European Jewry, while denying respect to the Armenians? The answer
is that Israel, like Turkey and the U.S.

recognize only what is beneficial to their foreign policy and image.

That the 1915 Armenian Holocaust occurred is not open to question.

Perhaps, like in all massacres, the exact numbers can be disputed.

Turkish documents describing the forced marches and uprooting of
innocent Armenians was set down on paper, as the Nazis proudly did,
describing their extermination procedures.

In defense of this denial on the part of Israel, Turkey and the United
States, a country must not put morality first or it will not last
long as a country. But, Israel and the Jews should not vociferously
condemn the Holocaust deniers either. The Holocaust deniers have a
weak case in their assertions. Israel does too in 'burying its head
in the sand," concerning the Armenian Holocaust.