01.03.2010 15:22 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ ( web-site, launched
by Xenophobia Prevention Initiative provoked a reaction both within
Azerbaijan, and in diplomatic circles, Samvel Martirosyan , expert
in information security of the web site told a news conference today.

An event dedicated to the dead in Khojalu was scheduled on February
26 in the Czech town of Lidice. The Minister of Culture of the
Czech Republic, who was expected to attend the meeting after the
intervention of Armenian diplomats refused from participation. In
turn, the Mayor of Lidice said he would not tolerate anti-Armenian
statements at the party.

According to Board member of Xenophobia Prevention Initiative Armine
Adibekyan, Azerbaijan was planning a large scale anti-Armenian campaign
abroad. "But their actions have not received a response anticipated
by Azerbaijani propaganda," she said.

According to experts, revealed falsifications and forgery of events in
Khojalu made Azeris nervous. " news site published an article,
calling on hackers to hack the site. Site hacking, in Azerbaijan,
as throughout the world is a criminal offense, and Azerbaijani mass
media encourage the public to commit a criminal offense, Samvel
Martirosyan said.

Over 10 000 people have visited ( within the
past two days, mostly from Europe, Russia and Azerbaijan. Launched on
February 24 by Xenophobia Prevention Initiative, displays
evidence of falsifications and forgeries of Azerbaijani propaganda
in the information war against Armenia.

Experts of Xenophobia Prevention Initiative have revealed and displayed
about 20 photographs of victims of Kurdish riots in Turkey, slaughter
in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and others, that represented
by Azerbaijan as died during the Agdam events of February 26, 1992,
when the Khojaly villagers perished.

Russian, English, Azerbaijani and German versions of are
available, and French and Iranian versions will be also launched
in future. According to Xenophobia Prevention Initiative experts, ( prevented numerous hacker attacks over
the past two days.

Center for Public Relations and Information at the RA Presidents
Office and the forum contributed to the project.