2010-03-02 10:58:00

ArmInfo. Orange Armenia announces surprises for subscribers during
woman's holidays.

According to the Company Marketing Director Aram Lazarian, the
subscribers, who register a card of the prepaid tariff plan "Let's
Talk" from March 1 to April 7, will be granted 1000 free conversation
minutes in Orange network and 1000 free SMS in all directions.

Moreover, a "silver" or "bronze" free number will be attached to
the postpaid tariff plan "Every Month". "This will also include a
"woman's" model of a mobile phone with subscription for 6 months
and zero payment for the 7th month", A. Lazarian said. All the new
subscribers of Internet-communication, having been connected within
the indicated period, will get a double Internet volume at the same
price, with a new modem. "We want to create a festive atmosphere,
including in our stores. Don't be astonished if you see there young
guitar players singing serenades. Visitors of our salons will also
get surprise-presents", Lazarian added.

To recall, the number of subscribers of Orange Armenia mobile
communication in early December 2009 exceeded 100,000, subscribers
of Internet-communication - 5,000. At present, the Company numbers
over 200,000 mobile and about 15, 000 Internet subscribers. Orange
Armenia is subsidiary of France Telecom in Armenia.