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06:43 pm | March 03, 2010


Relatives of people diagnosed with aplastic anemia have to find
donors themselves. They either give blood or buy it from the RA Health
Ministry's Blood Transfusion Center after Professor R. Yolyan. To date,
none of the relatives donating blood to patients has been compensated.

A bag of blood costs 10 000 drams in Armenia. In cases of emergency
a patient receives blood from the centre reserves complied from
volunteer donors.

"Today Armenia lacks blood stocks which enable patients to receive
free blood. The 10 000 drams is taken to purchase blood bags (each
costs 3000 drams) and analyze the blood of permanent donors," says
Professor Smbat Daghbashyan, Director of the Blood Transfusion Center.

The state budget annually allots 135 million drams for in-patient
treatment of patients with blood illnesses. According to Mr.

Daghbashyan the money is spent on medicine.

"The state today allocates finances to prevent infections, analyze
blood, recruit new workers and acquire new techniques," he adds.

To secure blood stocks, 20 of every 1000 individuals should voluntarily
donate blood while today only one or two individuals do it. Surely,
there are people who demand nothing instead but they form 5 percent
of overall donors. Almost 40 percent of donors demand compensation.

The number of individuals with blood illnesses totals 2200 in Armenia,
480 of them are children.
From: Baghdasarian