March 25 2010

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holy Saviour (Surp Prgic)
Armenian Hospital Foundation, one of Istanbul Armenian community
leading members Bedros Sirinoglu made a statement on TRT channel air.

Before the March 26 meeting with Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
Sirinoglu stated that Erdogan is always attentive to Armenian community
needs. He recalled that all seven times his requests for audience
with Erdogan were complied.

Sirinoglu also clarified the number of Armenians voiced by Erdogan
(100.000): "We had to tell Premier that there are 70.000 Armenians -
citizens of Turkey and 30.000 Armenian citizens in the country, however
the incorrect number was told him and he trusting us voiced that
number, for which I beg his pardon. Meanwhile, I express gratitude to
Turkish premier for his confidence and know that his words in London
were not coming from heart." recalls that December 5, 2004 Turkish premier attended the
opening ceremony of Bedros Sirinoglu's museum in Holy Saviour (Surp
Prgic) Armenian Hospital and gave a speech, saying that anywhere in
Turkey the expression "there is one good master-Armenian" is heard.