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Diaspora Minister Hranoush Hagopian Addresses the Armenian Educators

Beirut, 30/03/2010- On Saturday, March 27, 2010, Minister of Diaspora of
the Republic of Armenia, Mrs. Hranoush Hagopian addressed a large group
of Armenian educators in Lebanon, during a fellowship evening jointly
organized by Haigazian University and the Embassy of the Republic of
Armenia in Lebanon.

University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian welcomed the audience and
introduced the Minister.

Hagopian discussed Armenia's general social issues, and concentrated on
education, assessing the current situation of the educational sector,
the arising needs, and the future plans.

She shared with the audience the Ministry's project in establishing a
bridge between Armenia and the Diaspora, whereby the two entities would
mutually benefit from each other's knowledge and expertise. In this
respect, Hagopian expressed her readiness to assist the diasporan youth
and students in visiting and studying in Armenia by facilitating their
stay and tuition fees.

Hagopian applauded the role the Armenian schools play in the Diaspora in
preserving the Armenian language, culture and heritage. "The Armenian
schools and organizations in the Middle East are a shining example of
that", Hagopian noted.

Hagopian acknowledged the obligation of morally and financially
supporting the Armenian educators, and in this respect, and by virtue of
a presidential decree, she decorated two educators with the "Movses
Khorenatsi" medal. The recipients were lecturer and linguist Garo
Arakelian, and long time theatre teacher and director Robert Arakelian.

Finally certificates of appreciation were presented from the Ministry to
Mrs. Santoukhd Bertizlian (AKA Shahantoukhd), Mr. Hovig Bertizlian and
Mrs. Shake Yakoubian.