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On Tuesday 30 March 2010, Vespers service was devoted to the Parable of Ten
Bridesmaids (Mathew 25:1-13). During the service, while the celebrant read
the Gospel, ten young girls holding lit candles stood in front of the Altar.
After the reading, the girls read the papers given to them as they
approached the Alter. Those bridesmaids who had papers written 'foolish'
extinguished their candles.

At the end of the Vespers, the Celebrant priest, the 'Ten Bridesmaids' and
the faithful, walked in procession to meet His Holiness Aram I. Before
giving his blessings, His Holiness Aram I reminded everyone of the
importance of the Parable. He said: "The parable tells us to be always ready
to receive the Lord" Readiness here implies our responsibility in living our
Christian life. However, he said, the Parable also leaves us with another
thought: Should we be ready as individuals? The parable urges us to be in
dialogue and in solidarity with those who are not yet ready by helping them.
He then expressed his joy in seeing the people participating in the rituals
of the Armenian Church with devotion. As the people greeted His Holiness
they also received symbolic gifts.

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Contact: V. Rev. Fr. Krikor Chiftjian, Communications Director.