Noyan Tapan

(Noyan Tapan - 28.02.2011) The competition aims at restoring and
developing the robot-building in Armenia, and at revealing young people
interested in the robotics, as well as facilitating their involvement
in the sphere of technologies and technology-based businesses

February 28, 2011, Yerevan, Armenia VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of
"Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC, is glad to announce that today a joint
press conference was held at VivaCell-MTS headquarters, presided by
the Company General Manager Ralph Yirikian and the Executive Manager
of the Union of IT Enterprises Karen Vardanyan. The press conference
was dedicated to the Armenian Robots Open Championship ("ArmRobotics").

The championship aims to restore and to develop robot-building in
Armenia, and particularly to reveal young people interested in the
sphere through competitions, as well as to facilitate their involvement
in the sphere of IT and IT-based businesses.

VivaCell-MTS is the general sponsor of "ArmRobotics" Championship. As
a corporate citizen, VivaCell-MTS extends hands to the development
of the sphere of technology, including robotics that can positively
affect related spheres of industry in Armenia, and help developing
the country's competitiveness in international markets.

"VivaCell-MTS commitment for excellence has no boundaries, it embraces
all spheres. Now we join hands with UITE to develop the Robotics.

Spheres of industry such as robotics should be supported and
also promoted amongst the youth. VivaCell-MTS will spare no
effort to support initiatives that strengthen country's image
internationally",-noted VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The Union of IT Enterprises has been organizing Armenian Robots Open
Championships beginning 2008. This is a competition between a number
of teams of young engineers, who compete in the robots of their own
design and production.

On March 4 and 5, 8 teams will compete in "Robots Following the Line"
as well as "Robots Differentiating and Classifying Items" competitions.

From: A. Papazian