Feb 28 2011

"The enemy is now applying more sophisticated methods of exterminating
Armenians. I 1988 Azerbaijan tried to physically annihilate Armenians,
whereas Baku is now trying to cause a split inside our society,
Bakur Karapetyan, the authors of the "Waves of Sumgait" documentary,
told journalists Feb. 28.

He pointed out that he went to Sumgait immediately after the Armenian
massacre he went to Sumgait. "I saw a horrifying picture there:
Armenian homes burnt and plundered, injured and frightened people. I
shot everything and made a 54-minute-long film. It was in Russia,
as our goal was to inform the international community of the Sumgait
tragedy," Karapetyan said. The Armenian TV did not show the documentary
at that time. "But it was shown at the U.S. Congress," Karapetyan
said. He pointed out he applied to Azerbaijani law-enforcement agencies
for information, but failed to get any.

Karapetyan believes that the Armenian massacres in Azerbaijan were
orchestrated by external forces, particularly Turkey and the United
States. "The U.S. aimed at causing the USSR`s collapse by means of
national liberation movements. Ankara`s task was to purge Azerbaijan
of Armenians just as it did in Turkey`s territory early in the 20th
century," Karapetyan said. The Kremlin, in turn, was silent - it
had been under the control of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
since 1960s, Karapetyan said.

From: A. Papazian