21:19 01.03.11

The way for political dialogue is still open for the ruling
administration, but no political force can ensure stability in the
country if the peoples~R requirements are not met, an oppositionist
has said.

Addressing a rally organized by the opposition Armenian National
Congress (ANC) outside the Matenadaran building late on Tuesday,
Levon Zurabyan, the ANC coordinator said that the authorities will
have no chances to oppose the ~Span-people movement that is gathering
momentum day by day~T.

~SThe way to political dialogue is still open for [President] Serzh
Sargsyan, but no political forces, nor even the ANC, can secure the
patience of the people, should the regime not take steps to satisfy
the universal requirements,~T said Zurabyan.

Further, he said that the ~Speople can no longer tolerate the existence
of this regime whose goal is to enrich a group of oligarchs~T.

Saying that the ruling authorities will not be able to oppose the
widespread discontent and the pan-national movement, Zurabyan stressed
that they should, therefore, meet the pan-national movement halfway
and make concessions.

He also said that the authorities still have time for the political
dialogue with the opposition, but that time is expiring quickly.

According to Zurabyan, the dialogue between the authorities and the
opposition should take place before what he called ~Sthe pan-national
act,~T otherwise it will already be late.

From: A. Papazian