March 3, 2011 - 14:11 AMT 10:11 GMT

During the March 3 sitting, the Armenian government simplified
the procedure for obtainment of permissions by constructors, thus,
relaxing the entire process of construction organization.

Armenian Minister of Urban Development Vardan Vardanyan said that the
governmental decision aims to simplify urban development procedures,
reduce the terms for permissions obtainment by constructors, as well
as improve Armenia's index in Doing Business World Bank's report.

"The project refers to all problems faced earlier by constructors,"
he said.

Besides, according to Vardanyan, the governmental decision will allow
tackling corruption risks.

During the governmental sitting Armenian Prime Minister Tigran
Sargsyan attached importance to simplification of the procedure for
construction organization by Armenian citizens, the cost of which
totaled AMD 1mln earlier.

According to him, under the simplified procedure, the process of
construction organization will take Armenian citizens 27 days instead
of previous 137 days. Besides, the number of procedures related to
construction organization will be cut from the current 20 to 7.

From: A. Papazian