Friday, March 4, 14:23

The pro-governmental mass media in Armenia are charged "from the
above" to launch anti-propaganda of US Ambassador to Armenia Marie L.

The Yerevan-based daily Haykakan Zhamanak reported that the given mass
media are charged to publish items accusing Ambassador Yavonovitch
of interference into internal affairs of Armenia. The reason of such
anti-propaganda campaign was the Ambassador's speech at the Yerevan
State University on February 28 wherein Yovanovitch said that the
Armenian people has a right to make decisions through free and fair
elections and free dialogue.

Commenting on the given reports to RLE/RL Armenia, Ambassador
Yovanovitch said that civil rights of the Armenian people are
guaranteed by the Constitution, which clearly stipulates freedom of
rallies and the press, and the supremacy of the law.

All these are the rights of the Armenian people, she said, and the
government must be for the people and not on the contrary.

Earlier on Thursday, Head of the Republican Party of Armenia faction
Galoust Sahakyan commented on US Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's
statement in a press conference in Yerevan: There may be no color
revolution in Armenia on the example of Kyrgyzstan, for instance,
because Armenians have only "one color" and a cherished goal. Anyway,
I don't think that the USA advocates such a scenario with Yovanovitch's

It is noteworthy that Ambassador Yovanovitch delivers lectures and
meets with Armenian students regularly, but mass media is never invited
to those meetings. Before appointed to Armenia, Marie Yovanovitch was
US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan. On March 1 the Ambassador delivered a
lecture at the Yerevan State University on the topic "Civil Society
of Armenia" and declared that sincere political dialogue is based
on patriotism. The Armenian people have a right to adopt decision
through free and fair elections and free dialogue.

From: A. Papazian