Marios Garoyian says closure on Cyprus Problem must be in harmony with
the concept of justice

2011-03-21 00:51:46
Talks for a solution of the Cyprus problem are at point zero,
President of the House of Representatives Marios Garoyian said on
Sunday, noting that lately the Turkish side is more provocatively and
obviously trying to lead the negotiations in the direction of a
confederation. Addressing the annual national memorial service for
heroes of Tsada community, in Paphos district, Garoyian said that the
Greek Cypriot side ``has exhausted every margin of flexibility`` and
in some cases ``has exceeded the limits,`` adding that ``any further
moves in that direction would constitute suicide.`` ``We have no right
to accept a closure of the Cyprus problem that will not serve justice,
will not terminate the occupation and settling, will not restore the
unity of the state, the people and the institutions, and we have no
right to accept a solution that will grant Turkey guarantor or
intervention rights in Cyprus,`` he pointed out.

Garoyian said that ``of course we want a solution the soonest possible
but not any solution,`` adding that ``we know the solution will be a
painful compromise but it must be fair and for a solution to be fair,
functional and viable, it must restore the principles of international
law and safeguard the human rights of the people of Cyprus.``

From: A. Papazian