FEBRUARY 29, 2012

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 29, ARMENPRESS: The information of the Azerbaijani
mass media that the Azerbaijani officer Pyarvin Aliev has been wounded
as a result of violation of ceasefire regime by the Karabakhi armed
forces does not correspond to reality. It is aimed at presenting
Armenian armed forces as attackers and hiding the real situation
in the Azerbaijani army from its own people. Spokesperson for the
Defense Army of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Senor Hasratyan said
the reality is that the front divisions of the defense army not only
respected the ceasefire regime on February 28 but restrained from
responding to the attacks of the rival.

The front divisions of the Azerbaijani armed forces violated the
ceasefire regime 45 times during the night of February 27 and 28.

Hasratyan said as usual, the official Baku continues presenting
everything upside down.