29.02.2012 13:58

The Turkish foreign minister has urged French president not to try to
pass a new bill on the criminalization of the Armenian Genocide denial.

The comment comes after French President Nicolas Sarkozy asked his
government on Tuesday to draft a new version of the Armenia law.

"Sarkozy had already pushed his chances too hard and if he tries that
again he would have started a war on French culture and the French
rule of law. It would be most unfortunate for him to challenge a ruling
passed by such a high level authority like the Constitutional Council,"
Ahmet Davutoglu told a televised interview on state-run broadcaster
TRT hours after the French ruling.

Davutoglu said relations between the two countries had weathered
"a turbulence," adding that Turkey needed to review the position
France would assume before lifting a series of measures Ankara had
taken after the approval of the denial law by the lower house of the
French parliament.

"We need to keep our channels open in the name of sharing a common
history with Armenia. And our common history should not be sacrificed
to the political ambitions of this or that leader," Davutoglu said.