Hurriyet Daily News
Feb 29 2012

A U.S. federal appeals court ruling against a lower court ruling
allowing Armenian descendants to file claims against life insurance
companies over the 1915 incidents may not serve as a precedent for
three Armenians who claim their property was confiscated from them,
their lawyer has said.

"The [U.S.] ruling for the moment is being applied to the cases against
insurance companies, and not the [three Armenians'] İncirlik case,
which is more related to stolen properties," said Vartkes Yeghiayan,
lawyer for Rita Mahtesyan, Anais Harutyunyan and Alex Bakalyan. "We
would not like to characterize this ruling as evidence that the court
is 'against Armenians,'" said Yeghiayan. "It is difficult to determine
if any political factors were at play in the court's decision-making,
but the fact that they mentioned the French denial law is significant
in and of itself." The federal court's decision came after the French
Senate passed a bill criminalizing denials of Armenian genocide claims.

İncirlik is now the site of a major military base in the southern
province of Adana.

From: Baghdasarian