Hayk Aramyan

Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 10:54:35 - 01/03/2012

Today is March 1. Amazingly, the National Assembly of Armenia will
vote to the draft law on the legislative framework for state of
emergency. Four years ago this day, a state of emergency was imposed
in Yerevan which lasted for 20 days. At that time there was no law and
the declaration of the state of emergency was an anti-constitutional
act. In an effort to justify his decision, Robert Kocharyan later
stated that he had consulted the NA speaker and the prime minister.

None of them confirmed this.

10 people were killed in the result of the events of March 1 and
2 in 2008. The murders have not been investigated yet. Perhaps,
nothing will be investigated unless Armenia becomes a strong country,
as a high-ranking officials said once, dwelling on the status of
investigation of a number of scandalous events.

But no matter how often they say the page of March 1 is closed, it
is evident that this page plays an important role in the relations
of Armenia with the world, just like in the domestic developments of
Armenia. For example, if the Council of Europe stated that the chapter
of March 1 is closed, welcoming the actions of the authorities, release
of political prisoners and the exercising of the freedom of rallies,
it thus hinted that Armenia should continue the democratic reform. The
international community brings up this issue from time to time, as if
"reminding" the Armenian government to mind the reforms.

The Armenian National Congress was going to apply to the European Court
of Human Rights against Robert Kocharyan. The authorities did not seem
to disagree with such a turn of events. For his part, Robert Kocharyan
said in an interview that the scene where the murders happened was
not controlled either by the government or the opposition forces. So,
Kocharyan hinted the existence of a "third force" to kill those people.

But these statements, even if they are true, do not clear anyone of
responsibility. Kocharyan and others should specify what the "third
force" in Yerevan was and what it was doing there. It is necessary
to speak clearly about it without waiting for Armenia to become an
"independent and strong country".

Anyway, yesterday evening, a large amount of weapon was found in
Yerevan which came as a hint to the members of parliament that there
is always threat of terrorism and it is necessary to pass the law on
the state of emergency.