18:00 . 29/02

"I am not very much acquainted with the border security workshop but
I think the question is more general. Perhaps, Mr Boland will comment
better," Huseyin Dirioz said.

During the meeting with Armenian politicians and students today
Former Spokesperson of Turkey's Foreign Affairs Ministry, present
NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning
Huseyin Dirioz avoided answering a number of questions on ensuring
regional security.

"Personally, I share your assertions but as a representative of
defense policy, of course, I can't answer," he said.

In this way he avoided concrete questions, for example, on the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, commenting that he deals not with
political issues but defense policy and planning. The question
on Nagorno-Karabakh was- Is it possible to expect that a concrete
statement will be issued on Nagorno-Karabakh in NATO summit planned
to take place in Chicago in May, taking into account the fact that in
2010 the Armenian president had refused to take part in the meeting on
the issue of Afghanistan within the frames of the NATO summit, because
a general wording was conveyed to the conflict in the NATO document.

However, the Turkish official stated that NATO is impressed by the
level of Armenia's involvement in different spheres in the result of
cooperation with the alliance.

"We highly appreciate the fact that Armenia increases its peacekeeping
presence in Afghanistan. NATO attaches great importance to the military
education and its organization. But as we have stated in our documents,
ensuring this military education must be a priority for the defense
ministry of Armenia in the first place. We are trying to cooperate
in this sphere, too," Huseyin Dirioz said.

Huseyin Dirioz and Head of Force Planning Department Frank Boland are
in Armenia within the frames of the Individual Partnership Action Plan
implemented with the corresponding staff of RA defense ministry and
within the frames of the evaluation of the progress in the Planning and
reviewing process implementation. Earlier, RA Defense Minister Seyran
Ohanyan received the delegation headed by Dirioz. Envoy Dirioz has
stated NATO's readiness to enhance further computational and experts'
support to Armenia in the defense sphere.