March 01, 2012 | 10:01

ISTANBUL. - The Turkish press has published new details on the
anti-Armenian demonstration, which was held in downtown Istanbul on
February 26 and under the name of commemorating the Khojaly incidents.

Members of a Facebook group called Genc Atsızlar had planned on
organizing provocations during the anti-Armenian protests. They
planned on attacking the local office of the Kurdish "Peace and
Democracy Party" (BDP), Agos Armenian bilingual weekly's office, and
the Consulate of France. But the police were able to prevent these
provocations and arrest the group's forty-one members, five of whom
were women. During the demonstration the group members had held signs
that insulted the Armenians, Radikal daily of Turkey informs.

The police are attempting to find the group's leader and its financing

It is also noted that the anti-Armenian demonstration was financed
by the huge Azerbaijani businessman Mubariz Mansimov. In addition,
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev had sent ten advisors to
Turkey, who had organized this protest together with ASIM-DER, the
Azerbaijan-Turkish nationalist organization functioning in Turkey.

To note, the Union of Socialist Azerbaijanis of Turkey member Rifat
Abbaszade had stated that Azerbaijan spent US$ 2 million for the
anti-Armenian demonstration held in Istanbul and devoted to the
Khojaly incidents. And the Union of Socialist Azerbaijanis of Turkey
had released a statement and noted that it is impermissible to make
the Khojaly events become a tool and to use them with the intention
of denying the Armenian tragedy in 1915.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress