March 01, 2012 | 12:27

Ankara's strong diplomatic response to the French law criminalizing the
genocide denial has led delaying the opening of the Turkish Consulate
General in Bordeaux.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed the opening of the Turkish
Consulate in Bordeaux and Nantes during his one-day visit to Turkey
last year.

Both countries have fulfilled all the requirements for the opening of
a consulate, but France shifted the date of giving permission to the
opening of Consulate immediately after Ankara's diplomatic response
to the Senate's decision on genocide bill, Anadolu agency reports.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed the information, noting that
the level of diplomatic relations between the countries was reduced
after the adoption of this law. Following the adoption of the law
message exchanges between the Turkish and French ambassadors and
foreign ministers almost stopped, the MFA said.

The bill criminalizing denial of genocides was accepted by the
French parliament on December 22, 2011 and then was approved by the
French Senate. However, several Senators appealed the bill in the
Constitutional Council.

The Constitutional Council of France recognized the bill
criminalizing the genocide denials, including the Armenian Genocide,
non-constitutional on Tuesday.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy instructed the Ministry of Justice
to elaborate a new text of the bill on genocide denial taking into
account the Constitutional Council's decision.

From: Baghdasarian