02:58 pm | Today | Politics

Free Democrat Alexander Arzumanyan says the parliament's vote for the
draft law "On the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency" on March
1 is sacrilege.

We remind that the adoption of the law will prohibit the use of the
army for ensuring security in the country. According to Arzumanyan,
the authorities are sending a message to the society just two months
before the elections.

"They're telling the people not to express any discontent because
they will use the army along with the police, illegitimate bodyguards
and bandits of oligarchs," said member of the "Free Democrats" Party
Alexander Arzumanyan.

Republican MP Mkrtich Minasyan doesn't think the vote is symbolic,
but he is concerned about the increase of the parliament's role during
the regulation of the state of emergency regime. To what extent is the
decision on using the army against citizens constitutional? Mkrtichyan
said he didn't have an answer to that question.

The Republican recalls the international experience, saying that the
authorities are using "all their instruments" to protect themselves
from those who breach the constitutional order, while Alexander
Arzumanyan advises following Armenia's experience.

"Experience shows that the Armenian government falsified elections
through force, attacked peaceful demonstrators, killed ten people
and then declared a state of emergency to conceal that crime," said
Alexander Arzumanyan.

The opposition member also expressed regret that the ruling government
rejected the draft law on making the complete transition to the
proportional electoral order supported by the society. However, he
hopes the interested parties will unite and will make sure that the
elections are as free as they can be.

The speakers also touched upon the tendency of small parties to
defend larger parties before the elections. They agreed that the
"globalization" of political parties would have a positive impact on
the formation of the political field.