11:05, March 1, 2012

What follows is the English translation of a video distributed by the
Sardarapat Movement in which Alek Yenikomshyan shares his observations
about political developments in Armenia in the ensuing 4 years after
the events of March 1, 2008.

Four years have passed since the massacre that took place on March
1, 2008.

The authors and organizers of that crime have yet to be brought to
justice in the ensuing four years. It is in such a appalling state
of affairs that the current authorities and regime are making believe
that they are organizing the next round of elections in Armenia.

The past 17 years have shown us, however, that these so-called
elections have been marred with fraud, deception and other gross
violations. Naturally, presidential elections slated for next year
cannot be any different.

Of particular note is that when we are observing the 4th anniversary
of the March 1st tragedy, the regime is busy pushing through a bill
regarding the "Law on the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency". The
only aim of this legislation is to legitimize future repressive
measures by the regime.

However, during the past four years, our people, and young people
especially, have proven that such repression cannot break their will
and determination.

Today, we witness the tangible manifestations of that determination -
the environmental movement, protests against a reprehensible language
law, those condemning unacceptable non-combat deaths in the army,
and other civic activism.

Such civic and public movements will surely hasten the ultimate demise
of the current powers that be in Armenia.

The young generation in Armenia is gradually coming to the realization
that the aim of the regime is one and the same - to ensure that the
criminal oligarchy now running roughshod over Armenia retains it
property and privilege, at the expense of the public interest and
public property.

The Armenian people, the youth in Armenia, are determined to put an
end to this state of affairs.

Buoyed with such unbending determination and resolve, we will surely
establish a government in our motherland that our people are truly
deserving of.