Igor Muradyan

Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 12:32:13 - 02/03/2012

It would be too delicate and modest to use the expression "it seems"
since it is already necessary to state firmly and meaningfully that
the genocide is a method of world politics to achieve goals of leading
or other countries.

If a genocide becomes a really officially condemned fact and is given
a political and legal assessment, it will lead to the collapse of the
policy of at least the world powers and their partners. A consequence
of the recognition of the genocide is multi-billion dollar compensation
and creation of nation states.

Currently, there is a consensus among the great powers to subvert
the policy of the international recognition of genocide. The U.S. and
Russia, being in a confrontation, agree on this issue. Nonetheless,
the world's political and economic elite is collapsing and falling
to pieces day by day.

A number of signs of disorganization of the world elite are visible.

New elite groups in terms of their type and ideology emerge, and it
also relates to the "left project" and the "right tradition".

Moreover, there are elites which stand on the old and irrelevant fray,
putting forward new ideas of economic and political organization of
the international community.

In general, the principled alternative arises which announced the
return of the conservative-revolutionary values and principles based
on the achievements of the scientific-technical revolutions. It is
clear that this reality denies the reality of the virtual target
and prefers tangible tasks that are formed and integrated into some
new strategies. These realities are rejected also by the American
and European social, economic and political models, and are closely
linked to the radical transformation of the world.

It is necessary to understand that the Jewish Holocaust functioned as
a framework for the creation and security of Israel. Holocaust was a
methods of control over Europe as it limits the radical nationalistic
ideologies inherent to Europe. Holocaust, like any other ideology
referring to exclusivity became the Scourge of God for Israel as
a state.

The Armenian nation assumed the historical mission of excluding
the genocidal policy, and the old elites understand how dangerous
this policy is for them, the policy and nothing else. As long as the
Armenian genocide was a subject of folklore, its idea was tolerable
and was perceived by the great powers as talks of "poor Armenians".

Now the Armenian genocide has become a factor of geopolitics, more
exactly it is a poorly controlled factor which is extremely dangerous.

There is no doubt that the traditionally right elite which has outlived
its era is unable to fend off the real and grounded argumentation,
remaining a supporter of the existing system of values.

It is impossible to believe that the decision to undermine the
recognition of the genocide is accepted in a formal manner by
government officials. I have met very interesting people on both
sides of the ocean who explained in detail what the mechanisms to
undermine the process of recognition of the genocide are.

It is time to take such things as necessity to integrate into the
world elite, as well as fulfillment of serious motivations related
to the geopolitical transformations of the modern world. Indeed,
the Armenian world structure achieved the impossible thing, turning
the virtual topic into an important geopolitical factor. This was
achieved in conditions of not so streamlined and efficient system
of organization. The Armenians, like the Greeks or Scottish people
and many others, do not have corporate factors like the ones Turkey
has but under these conditions, the process of the international
recognition of the genocide is now based on a lot of interests in
different countries and societies.

It is necessary to note that the ideas on the essence of the American
and Turkish relations are the same. Despite the seeming "honeymoon"
of the U.S. and Turkey, their relations are worsening, and the U.S.
continues the multi-direction policy of repression of Turkey as an
expansionist country. Hence, even under such horrible attitude of the
U.S. administration to the Armenian genocide, the Armenian factor is
still an important lever for the U.S. strategy in the region.

At present, Secretary Clinton is not only a leading lobbyist of
Turkey but also top manager of the subversion of the international
recognition of the genocide. It would be more acceptable to appeal to
Monica Lewinski for the genocide issue rather than Hillary Clinton. At
least, she had more influence on the former Democrat president. The
subversion of the recognition of the Armenian genocide became one of
the few successful political initiatives of Obama administration.

From: A. Papazian