Janna Alexanyan

Story from News:
Published: 10:42:58 - 02/03/2012

Yesterday a post-mortem examination of another conscript serving in
Yeghnikner Military Unit of NKR, Tigran Varyan, was appointed. There
were traces of violence on his face - bruises and scratches around
the nose and mouth, a long bruise below the facial line of the chin,
a few centimeters below the wound. However, the death of the boy was
caused by a gun shot.

Ruben Martirosyan, an expert of the Helsinki Association, who was
permitted with great resistance to observe the examination, the press
told. The expert says the conscript got all the injuries immediately
before death. He also refuted the possibility of a suicide, describing
the case as murder committed with particular cruelty.

The official side, the investigation service of the ministry of
defense, however, has already launched proceedings into a case of
suicide. This is the 8th death of conscripts in the past two months.

What is the cause of this series of cases in the Armed Force? The
military leadership is now actively engaged in the political process,
including the draft law of the state of emergency which is aimed
against the life of people. And a group of people considering
themselves as the best lawyers are doing everything to push this
law through.

There is zero control in the army, so the death cases "must" be high.

Never has the supreme commander in chief treated the criminal situation
in the army seriously and taken relevant measures.

The minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan is not able to change anything
in the army. All he can do is to blame the public and disclaim

Impunity has reached an extreme level. Qualifying the death of the
tortured conscript as a suicide is the best evidence to impunity,
indifference to human destinies. The perpetrators always avoid

The investigative service subject to Seiran Ohanyan is good at the
art of qualifying murders as suicides and the minister is aware of
this but he lacks good will.

The military leadership and Seiran Ohanyan lives in other reality -
luxury cars, wealth. Meanwhile, the victims are from impoverished
families. The murder of their sons is not prosecuted.