Story from News:
Published: 10:44:09 - 22/03/2012

A few days ago when the executive body of the Republican confirmed
the draft election list and the nominees of precincts, Member of
Parliament Ruben Hairapetyan, member of the Republican board, was not
among them. Hairapetyan had earlier announced in a press conference
that Serzh Sargsyan told him not to run in the elections.

Hairapetyan announced that the president had told him to deal with
football seriously [Hairapetyan is the president of the Armenian
Football Federation] to ensure our participation in World Cup 2014
in Brazil.

In the evening of March 21 Ruben Hairapetyan's nomination became
known. Interestingly, when he announced that he would not run in
the elections because he will be busy dealing with football, he also
said that only his friend Samvel Alexanyan can tell him into running
for parliament.

Afterwards Alexanyan announced that he will persuade his friend
Hairapetyan because he does not want to be in parliament without him.

Apparently, he did, and Hairapetyan is now running for parliament.

How about the president's task? Is Samvel Alexanyan's word more
important for Ruben Hairapetyan than Serzh Sargsyan's task? Or has the
task been cancelled? If Ruben Hairapetyan is running for parliament,
does it mean that he will not focus on the national team's performance
or does he think that the national team will do well in the qualifiers
than Serzh Sargsyan can imagine?

At least, Hairapetyan's case is really very interesting. After all,
it was a surprise that the government running almost all the oligarchs
and local strongmen for parliament in precincts under the majority
system make an exception for Hairapetyan, placing his name on the
party ticket.

However, one wonders whether the government is taking Hairapetyan to
parliament or Hairapetyan is the government and conveys to the public
that he will do whatever he wants, and he will change his decision
in any way. Or maybe Serzh Sargsyan wants to convey to the public,
and perhaps first of all to the criminal and oligarchic system that he
keeps the situation under control and can easily handle the oligarchs.

However, the fact is that the entire criminal oligarchy is headed
for parliament, on party lists or in precincts, which prompts that
Serzh Sargsyan is playing with the public and international partners.