New Europe
March 25 2012

Armavia airline, airport resolve dispute
March 25, 2012 - 7:19pm

The government of Armenia recently resolved bitter dispute between
Armavia national airline and Yerevan's Zvartnots international
airport, Armenia reported. Armavia face a 6.2m debt to the
airport incurred for ground services which according to the private
carrier is expensive. Mikhail Bagdasarov, owner of Armavia, recently
threatened to file for bankruptcy unless an Argentine company managing
Zvartnots reduce the service fees.

He claimed that some of the tariffs were two or three times higher
compared to larger airports in Russia and Europe. Zvartnots
international airport threatened to disrupt flights to and from the
country if Armavia fails to clear the debts.

A spokeswoman for Armenia's Civil Aviation Department Nelli
Cherchinian said the two disputing parties reached a compromise
agreement during negotiations mediated by the department chief, Artyom

`The two sides have reached an agreement and will operate on mutually
beneficial conditions,' Cherchinian said. The settlement envisages
expedient conditions for Armavia to repay its debts and continue its