MARCH 30, 2012

YEREVAN, March 30./ARKA/. Armenia's foreign trade turnover has grown
11.6% for the first two months of 2012, compared with the same period
a year earlier, and totaled AMD 301.8 billion or about $778.1 million
in current prices in late February, National Statistical Service of
Armenia reports on its website.

The countries exports totaled $185.1 million after growing 12.3%
over the mentioned period of 2012, compared with the same period a
year before, and imposts grew 11.4% to $593 million.

As a result, negative balance amounted to $407.9 million or $388.2
million less cargoes received as humanitarian aid.

Negative balance in FOB prices amounted to $316.6 million. (FOB or Free
On Board is a trade term requiring the seller to deliver goods on board
a vessel designated by the buyer. The seller fulfills its obligations
to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship's rail.)

According to the statistical report, mining industry's products
dominated the country's exports in January and February 2012 - they
totaled $51.9 million (8.2% year-on-year decline).

The country also exported non-precious metals worth more than $47.7
million (19.8% year-on-year decline), final food products worth
$28.3 million (58.4% year-on-year growth) as well as precious and
semiprecious stones and metals and jewelry worth over $23.8 million
(51.1% growth) etc.

Mining industry's products dominated also imports in the mentioned
period - $163.8 million (22.9% year-on-year growth). Then machinery
comes with its $70.5-million total value (11.8% growth).

Ground vehicles, air transport and water crafts imported in Jan and
Feb 2012 cost $61.1 million (37.5% growth).

Foods of plant origin worth $38.3 million (9.9% decline) and final
products worth $36.4 million (15.8% growth) were brought to the
country in January and February 2012. ($1- AMD 390.64).

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress