Trend, Azerbaijan
Feb 27 2013

Azerbaijan is decisive in returning its occupied lands back and
repatriating Azerbaijani refugees, Head of Azerbaijani Presidential
Administration's Social and Political Department Ali Hasanov said in
an interview with the Turkish Anadolu news agency.

"Azerbaijan will further demonstrate a decisive standpoint to liberate
its lands and repatriate Azerbaijani refugees, who are forced to live
in tents," Hasanov said, adding that if the situation doesn't change,
other means will be put into action.

Today, Azerbaijan is strengthening its army and economy, Hasanov said.

He underscored the possible making of an international film that
will reflect the Khojaly genocide and other facts of brutality and
violence committed by Armenians.

"The film will also be the proof of Armenians' lies about the so-called
"Armenian genocide," Hasanov underlined.

It is necessary to put pressure on Armenia to achieve a peaceful
resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, he underscored.

Hasanov also stressed Turkey's role in the promotion of the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the world arena, and expressed confidence
that Turkey, as it promised, will not open its border with Armenia
until the conflict is resolved.

He said over the past five years, Azerbaijan has invested $30 billion
in projects in Turkey.

"Today relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey are more important
than they were ten years ago. Today Azerbaijan is not behind Turkey,
but standing by its side," Hasanov said.

He also touched upon the presidential elections in Armenia, noting
that there were no proper elections in this country.

"Armenian president achieved victory not at the elections, but over
his people," Hasanov said.

"As long as Sargsyan is in power, 100,000 Armenian citizens will
be leaving the country every year. As a result, the population of
Armenia will reduce to one million people within five years," he said.

The conflict between the two South Caucasus countries began in 1988
when Armenia made territorial claims against Azerbaijan. Armenian
armed forces have occupied 20 per cent of Azerbaijan since 1992,
including the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven surrounding districts.

Azerbaijan and Armenia signed a ceasefire agreement in 1994.The
co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group - Russia, France and the U.S. -
are currently holding peace negotiations.

Armenia has not yet implemented four U.N. Security Council resolutions
on the liberation of the Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions.

From: Baghdasarian