Who Politicizes?

March 1 2013

The government often makes an appeal on this or that occasion, `Do not
politicize!' If we disregard the peculiarities of our reality, that
appeal, as such, is right. For example, when the neighborhood bully
breaks into the electoral district and stuffs the ballot box, it
should be resisted by the police, then the prosecutor's office, in the
end, the court. If these three state bodies act like that, there will
be no need for politicizing the issue of electoral fraud. So if the
police, the prosecutor's office, and the court perform their duties,
it will become an ordinary legal procedure, which will not attract the
attention of either society or political forces, and the crimes that
are regularly punished tend to decrease. However, since those crimes
have been used for political purposes over the past 18 years, and that
is the very reason why they remain unpunished, we are compelled to
politicize them; it is just logical to do so. The basic condition for
not politicizing any issue is independent court. At the time when one
of the famous politicians was prosecuted, the judge publicly and
honestly admitted: `Do you think I make judgments by myself? I go to
the Presidential Palace and have my decisions approved there.' That is
the very problem; people must be able to file every complaint,
including those regarding elections, being sure that the court will
act `by itself' without approval from the Presidential Palace.
However, since we are sure that, for example, condemning Tigran
Arakelyan to 6 years in prison was also `approved,' we cannot help but
`politicize the issue.' The same thing applies to the slaughter of
March 1. How one can avoid politicizing it! If, say, in the summer of
2008, those who had committed those murders and those who had arranged
them had stood trial, it would have been possible to assert that the
law enforcers had illegally used firearms during the peaceful
opposition rally, for which they were punished. However, since no one
has been punished in the past 5 years; on the contrary, a few dozen
opposition leaders and activists have stood trial, one can draw a
conclusion from it that our very law enforcement system is guided by
political motives. Therefore, dear law enforcers, do not politicize
the March 1 case and solve it! ARAM ABRAHAMYAN

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress