Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey
March 1 2013

Prosecutor demands up to six years for Turkish-Armenian soldier's
murder suspect

D─░YARBAKIR ` Do─?an News Agency

A Diyarbak─▒r military prosecutor has demanded two to six years for a
suspect private charged with `murder with conscious negligence,' in
the murder case of Sevag Bal─▒kš─▒, a Turkish-Armenian soldier who was
killed in suspicious circumstances while performing his military
service in 2011.

The Diyarbak─▒r Air Force Command Military Court continued the trial of
suspect K─▒vanš A─?ao─?lu on charges of murder, and of non-commissioned
officer Sabrettin Ers÷z for `abuse of office through negligence,' on
Feb 28.

Cem Halavut, the Bal─▒kš─▒ family's lawyer, said the witness testimonies
should be given one more time as they conflicted each other, and added
that the investigation should be expanded. However, the court board
denied his demands.

Sevag Bal─▒kš─▒'s father, Garabet, and mother, Ani Bal─▒kš─▒, also
attended the hearing.

Bal─▒kš─▒ was shot in a gendarmerie station in Batman province by
another soldier, K─▒vanš A─?ao─?lu, with whom he was performing his
military service. The incident took place on April 24, 2011, the same
date as Armenians mark the anniversary of the events of 1915.