15:09 28/03/2013
Story from Lragir.am News:

The contract between Armavia Air Company and the Republic of Armenia
expires on April 22 after which the company will no longer be the
National Carrier of Armenia. Head of the Civil Aviation Artyom
Movsisyan said that the government will decide on the matter by
April 22.

According to him, Armavia does not possess enough financial means to
be able to extend the contract, but if it finds the necessary means,
the contract will be extended for a reasonable term.

He noted that the question is discussed in the government. Asked
whether the government is inclined to liberalize the sphere or
a new national carrier will be found, Artyom Movsisyan said that
liberalization of market is a wide notion.

According to him, the process of liberalization will be gradual. He
said political approach is necessary. Movsisyan says that it is
possible to lead open sky policy having both state and private
companies, but all policies have their positive and negative aspects.

In order to assess everything, the government needs a general approach,
said the Civil Aviation head.

Asked whether other air companies are interested in leading activities
in Armenia, he answered that there is little interest. He noted that
Armavia is possible to be announced bankrupt. Asked whether it is PAP
leader, major businessman Gagik Tsarukyan's desire, Movsisyan answered
that since two years names of different people have been mentioned,
but for now there is no final decision.

Artyom Movsisyan underlined that the government fulfilled all its
tasks assumed before Armavia. He says that the government of Armenia
is a reliable partner for any private colleague.

At the same time, the head of Civil Aviation noted that the government
has given Armavia the exceptional right to carry out flights in
all directions.

Dwelling on the prices of Zvartnots airport, Movsisyan said that they
are not high, but they may seem so in the result of weak analyses. The
company has been instructed to work out an analysis in his relation
and present it to the mass media.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress