Gagik Tsarukyan's associates terrorized - Ruben Hakobyan

13:00 / 27.02.2015

Speaking at a briefing today head of the Heritage faction Ruben
Hakobyan said that today the state is in serious systematic, political

"No one has won as a result of the recent inner political events while
some representatives of the authorities walk in a way as if they are
the winners. But the crisis is everyone it has engaged all the
political spectrum. The authorities have not realized that people are
their main opposition, they do not understand that the majority of the
people coming to the rallies are gathering against the authorities and
not to consolidate over any party," he stressed.
Speaking about the Prosperous Armenia Party, Hakobyan said, "The PAP
and its leader have been pressed. Employees of one of Tsarukyan's
plants in Balahovit have been terrorized. In any case soon the
opposition will clarify its steps. It is not a secret that the PAP had
political weight but currently it has frozen its position. The
upcoming congress of the party will clarify the PAP's position and
make some reshufflings in the opposition field," he said.

Asked whether the Heritage will participate in the PAP congress,
Hakobyan said they have not received invitation yet and do not know
whether any political force will be invited or not. Hakobyan urged
everyone not to hurry and wait until that day.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress