Levon Zurabyan: It is a Misfortune for Armenian Citizens to Have a
parliament Speaker Like Galust Sahakyan

by Ashot Safaryan
Saturday, February 28, 00:18

The cross-talk to have taken place several days before between Galust
Sahakyan, the Speaker of National Assembly and Levon Zurabyan, the
Head of the parliamentary group of the Armenian National Congress,
escalated to a new level during the briefings on February 27.

To recall, Zurabyan who has leg problems, came to the meeting with a
cane. The oppositionist's limping gait caused mocking comments from
the parliamentary majority and the Speaker himself saying particularly
that the Armenian opposition is lame "in three legs". It came to
personal insults and mutual verbal slaps.

Today while giving a talk for the journalists, Zurabyan decided to
resume the interrupted series and said that if his limp is only
physical and temporary, Galust Sahakyan limps both mentally and
linguistically and that is incurable. "As the Head of the parliament
group I am supposed to be in good working relations with the
parliament administration. However, I cannot but say that seeing
Galust Sahakyan as the parliament speaker is a darn shame, it is a
blackey stain for the Armenians", said Zurabyan.


From: Baghdasarian