Vestnik Kavkaza, Russia
March 1 2015

Armenian opposition takes time out

Leaders of the Armenian National Congress have decided that they will
not hold any public events for at least the next two months, the
Armenian National Congress leader, former President Levon
Ter-Petrosyan told a meeting of his supporters in Yerevan today.

Ter-Petrosyan's statement conflicted with those made by other speakers
today, who constantly stressed the need to strengthen the pressure on
the authorities of the country through mass meetings. At the same
time, the former president criticized the so-called "new format" of
the opposition, which may be created as advised by seven pro-Western
political forces.

The ANC leader also proclaimed March 1st "the day of national
mourning, protest and state terror." He put this proposal to a vote,
and it was supported by the protesters. According to Ter-Petrosyan,
even though such a day is not officially approved, the people have
already passed their verdict.

"I call not to forget the tragic events of March 1st 2008, in any
case, not to forget, not to forget and not to forget again! Because to
forget means to forgive," Ter-Petrosyan said, calling for the
opposition parliamentary forces to submit the issue of declaring March
1st as a day of mourning for consideration to the National Assembly of

At the conclusion of the meeting, the supporters of the Armenian
National Congress started a traditional funeral procession in the
center of Yerevan, dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the tragic
events of March 1st in the Armenian capital, which resulted in 10
people being killed.

From: Baghdasarian