YEREVAN, March 2. / ARKA /. An Armenian political party led by an
American-born Raffi Hovanessian, who was Armenia's first foreign
minister after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, was named by
Armenian citizens as 'the most oppositional party' in the country,
according to a survey conducted by Gallup International Association
in Armenia from November 20 to 27 in 2014 embracing 1,067 respondents.

The party called Zharangutyun (Heritage) scored 3.7 points on a 5 point
scale. It was followed by the Prosperous Armenia Party, led by one
of the wealthiest Armenian businessmen Gagik Tsarukyan (3.63 points).

The Armenian National Congress led by the first post-Soviet Armenian
president Levon Ter-Petrosyan was third with 3.62 points. Orinats
Yerkir (Country of Law) was named as the least opposition party with
2.4 points. The findings were unveiled today by Aram Navasardyan,
head of Gallup International Association in Armenia.

According to the survey, 40% of respondents predicted a political
failure to these three parties which until lately made the so-called
'non-governing troika.'

"Only 11% of respondents said that the authorities will be forced
to negotiate with the troika and offer it levers of power and 9%
believe that the current administration will be forced to resign,"
said Navasardyan.

Also 65% said the troika was largely financed by the Prosperous
Armenia Party. Three percent believed it was Heritage and another 3
percent that it was the Armenian National Congress."-0- arty_/#sthash.H8iHfzP9.dpuf