Haikazn Ghahriyan, Editor-in-Chief
Comments - 02 March 2015, 12:06

On February 28 the enemy undertook a reconnaissance-in-force. The front
units of the Defense Army prevented the advancement of the enemy's
special units and pushed them back to their starting positions. During
the fight 2 Armenian servicemen were killed, the Defense Army informed.

On the previous day the RA minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan held an
interview with the Russian Regnum and extended hope that in case of
military actions Russia will fulfill its obligations. In other words,
will intervene to help the Armenian side, as is stipulated by the
Armenian-Russian agreement.

It is hard to tell why Seiran Ohanyan made this statement. Does he
believe that the Russians will fulfill their obligations or does he
want to leave the Russians "in debt"?

One thing is obvious - if military actions start, Russia will not
fulfill its obligations to Armenia. First, it is strategic agreements
with Azerbaijan and Russia. Second, Russia will only intervene to
fulfill those agreements, i.e. to shift the status quo. Russia has
already broken the balance in the region in favor of Azerbaijan.

When this was brought up a year ago, it received a backlash but
this has been so obvious during the past year that nobody argues,
even the pro-Russian ones. And because the official circles of Moscow
have started speaking about it.

Many have noticed that the border incidents in Armenia and Artsakh
usually coincide with some regional developments. Besides, most
people have realized that if Russia wants, Azerbaijan will not shoot
at the borders.

The Armenian army remains the only organization that protects the
country's sovereignty and is capable of resolving the issues of defense
and security. In this respect, the Armenian army has an exceptional
role in the region because it is not a consumer of security but creator
of security. This has a big value in international relations, and it
still maintains Armenia in the prospect of international relations.

Azerbaijan and its army are, on the contrary, a consumer of security
and a source of instability. This circumstance underscores the
importance and value of the Armenian army.

The problem is to preserve this value. Of course, in a global situation
no separate unit can fulfill security issues at full, and it requires
broad foreign cooperation in the sphere of security. However, it
should not be in a system which objectively becomes a threat to
security for Armenia.

By a curious repetition, the border incidents coincide with evocation
of the Russian obligations. Apparently, the Russians are trying to
let the Armenians know that there is no need to rely on them. In
other words, Russia is being honest to the Armenians in this matter.

On these days Andranik Ozanyan's 150th anniversary was marked. In
the 1920s he was asked in Paris that he said the Russians would help
us. I am sorry, I was mistaken, he said.

From: Baghdasarian