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March 1, 2015 Sunday


The following information was released by the Government of Canada:

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of acclaimed Canadian
photographer Malak (OC, MPA), Library and Archives Canada (LAC)
is pleased to announce the acquisition of a significant amount of
the artists photographic archives. The recent acquisition includes
approximately 200,000 photographic transparencies and negatives, ca.

19682001, as well as 13 exhibitions prints and textual records. This
constitutes a significant addition to the Malak (19152001) fonds held
by LAC.

LAC will work to make these holdings available through its website
as they become digitized.

Quick Facts

Malaks portrayal of Canadas geographical and cultural diversity has
been very influential in shaping how Canadians view their own country
and its visual identity.

Malaks images have been used on at least 11 Canadian stamps, and his
iconic photograph of the log drive below Parliament Hill appeared on
the $1 bill (19741989).

Malak was a recipient of the Key to the City of Ottawa, and played
a major role in the creation of the Canadian Tulip Festival.


Our Government is proud to have acquired this important part of
our Canadian heritage. Library and Archives Canadas acquisitions
continue to document the rich diversity of Canadian society. The 100th
anniversary of the birth of acclaimed Canadian photographer Malak is
a great opportunity to reflect and appreciate our geographical and
cultural diversity.

- The Honourable Shelly Glover

Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official

Photography is an integral and invaluable part of our documentary
heritage. It serves as a recordproviding not only a repository
of information and knowledge, but also portraying a wide range of
emotionswhich gives it a broad and comprehensive relevance. Library
and Archives Canada will preserve the images of the Malak fonds in
optimal conditions and will digitize them to enable all Canadians to
discover them on our digital platforms.

- Dr. Guy Berthiaume

Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Our family is very pleased that the Malak fonds at LAC will now
constitute a far-reaching and unique photographic record of the beauty
of Canada, its landscape and its people, and their activities, seen
through the lens of an Armenian immigrant who truly loved his adopted
country. We are very excited that Malaks legacy will be conserved
and made available for Canadians to enjoy.

- Barbara Karsh and family

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