Azer Tag, Azerbaijan State Info Agency
May 19 2004

[May 19, 2004, 13:11:59]

In the information received by AzerTAj from the embassy of Azerbaijan
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is stated that the next assembly
of top officials of member-states of the Organization of Islamic
Conference (OIC) was held in Jeddah. Discussed was the issue of
preparation to the XXXI conference of the foreign ministers of the
OIC member-countries in Istanbul.

Before the arrangement, the permanent representative of Azerbaijan in
OIC, ambassador Elman Arasly has met the Secretary General of this
international structure Abdulwahid Bilgeziz, his assistant Izzet
Al-Mufti and other high-ranking officials of the Organization, has
discussed with them questions of the further expansion of relations
of Azerbaijan with OIC, has addressed the Secretary General with the
request for support of initiatives of our republic.

As earlier, at this assembly, the OIC member- states have supported
the issue connected to Azerbaijan. So, the resolution of OIC "On
aggression of the Republic Armenia against the Azerbaijan Republic"
under the offer of the Azerbaijan side has been amended. Participants
of assembly have agreed to include Azerbaijan's draft resolution
submitted by the delegation "Youth initiative of Islamic Conference"
in the agenda of XXXI Istanbul conference of the ministers of foreign
affairs of the OIC member–states.

At the assembly in Jeddah, discussed was the report of Secretary
General A. Bilgeziz, decided to submit for discussion in the Istanbul
conference the question in connection with the appeal submitted to
the OIC Secretary General on admission of the Central African
Republic and the Republic Mauritius in membership of the
Organization. Taking into account the appeal on granting to some
states of the status of the observer in OIC, it was decided to create
special commission for preparation of offers concerning entering into
the Charter of structure of respective alterations. Participants of
the assembly condemned the inhuman treatment of the American soldiers
with the prisoners in Iraq.

The draft resolution "Concerning new position of Cyprus" submitted by
the delegation of Turkey has been unanimously adopted by the