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Thread: Trees To Be Counted

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    Yeghisabet Arthur

    Trees To Be Counted


    A1 Plus | 17:29:01 | 31-05-2004 | Politics |

    Chief of Yerevan Municipality's Environment Department Roman
    Kosemyan said Monday the department had launched a campaign in a
    bid to preserve green areas in Armenian capital. First of all, the
    municipality officials embarked on measuring green areas and counting
    trees in Yerevan.

    In his words, in 1986 the capital's green plantations covered more
    than 1,200 hectares. Journalists say now only 500 hectares are covered
    by green plantations.

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    Yeah, and I also think that vast investments from Armenian Diaspora are necessary to be put into a "tree planting". During the '90s too many trees were burnt to keep houses warm.

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    Trees are life and necessary

    It is very important to replant more trees then existed before the earthquake. Trees stop erosion, brings oxygene, pleasures of everyday and in a city, lowers the noise, brings peace and other colours then the usual grey. In Switzerland there is a law in the constitution that says that minimum 24 % of the territory must be forest. In the cities, the government replanted many trees in the 90s after having cut so many before. The more trees are found in a city the more cool the people become. And so many trees produce fruits which are also so usefull. We must protect nature orelse men will disapear. That's a fact!

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