Zaman, Turkey
May 1 2005

Number of Armenians Immigrated according to Turkish Official
Published: Sunday 01, 2005

Documents released by the Turkish General Staff refute the
allegations by the Armenian Diaspora that about 1.5 million Armenians
were subjected to so-called genocide during the late Ottoman Empire.

Documents released by the General Staff prove that 413,000 out of
about 987,000 Armenians lived in the Ottoman territory at that time
were sent to the Syrian region.

Professor Hikmet Ozdemir, who is conducting researche on the Armenian
issue at the Turkish Institute of History (TTK), announced that a
notebook, which includes numbers regarding Armenians immigrated in
1915 and was thought to belong to Talat Pasha, Minister of the
Interior under the Young Turks regime in the Ottoman State, might
belong to a civil servant, who worked at the "Immigrants Commission"
of the time.